PG Sports | Amanda Kessel Can Out Eat Phil Kessel in a Hot Dog Eating Contest
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Amanda Kessel Can Out Eat Phil Kessel in a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Amanda Kessel Can Out Eat Phil Kessel in a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Kevin Skiver, CBS Sports: “There aren’t a ton of athletes whose level of obsession with hot dogs would remain a mystery, but Phil Kessel tends to be an exception to a lot of athletic rules. Kessel doesn’t really care to talk about things outside of hockey in public, so when he was depicted as an average Joe, hot dog-inhaling schmuck by the Toronto Sun after being traded to Pittsburgh a little under three years ago, people ran with it. Bad news everyone: It appears that Kessel is not that into hot dogs.

It was Phil’s sister, Amanda, that dispelled the myth when she was taking questions from fans on Twitter. Amanda, who won gold with the U.S. women’s hockey team in South Korea and scored a shootout goal against Canada in the gold medal game, was asked the inevitable question: “Does your brother Phil really love to eat hot dogs?” According to Amanda: “Phil does not really love to eat hot dogs. He does eat hot dogs sometimes maybe on the golf course, but no he does not love to eat hot dogs.”

When Amanda was asked (by the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Twitter itself) for one hockey skill that she could beat Phil in every day, Amanda’s response directly challenged The Toronto Sun’s accusation.”

Ok, if you’re not a hockey fan, a Phil/Amanda Kessel fan, or a Penguins/Riveters fan, this may seem odd to you. You may ask yourself, “honestly, this is what people in the hockey world care about? How many hot dogs a guy can eat? I thought they were supposed to care about their bodies and be in good shape? Why is this hockey player talking about how much her hockey player brother can eat?” Well, if you are one of those people, I feel bad for you. You obviously have a stick up your butt, but that isn’t why. I feel bad for you because you have been depriving yourself of awesome wonder that is Phillip Joseph Kessel Jr.


I honestly feel like Phil may just be the 8th wonder of the world. In fact, he may be the missing link. No man should be able to look like this:


And still be good at hockey. But he is.


“Phil Kessel’s Pittsburgh numbers hadn’t been all that different from his time in Toronto until this year, his cast is just better. He averaged 65.6 points per year in Toronto and is currently at 68.6 per year in Pittsburgh. Kessel definitely knew the reputation he built in Toronto. After winning the Stanley Cup with the Penguins for the second time last season he posted an Instagram photo of himself eating hot dogs out of it. The photos were subsequently removed, but their legacy will live forever.


As for this season, Kessel is currently at 77 points — five off from his career high (set with Toronto) — this season with 14 games to go. The Penguins lead the Metropolitan Division, but trail three Atlantic teams in points, including the Maple Leafs.”


For all intents and purposes that point total is pretty impressive, but for a man like Phil Kessel that is superhuman. Truth be told, I’m not making fun of him. I love me some Phil Kessel. In fact, I think this is how God intended athletes to be. Think about it, Working out and maintaining your body is something that is very, very new to the world. It really only became a trend in the late 20th century with guys like Arnold, Sylvester Stallone, Jeane Claude, and Bruce Lee, and its something that doctors are only just beginning to understand its positive effects on your mind, life expectancy, and livelihood in general. We’ve all heard of guys like Wade Boggs crushing beers on team flights, the eating and drinking habits of Babe Ruth, and heck, John Daly even has a drink named after him.


For all of those pandering to comment that I’m arguing for a lifestyle of boozing and unhealthy eating, I say calm yourself. All I’m saying is, within reason, it is ok to let go a little. If you wanna eat that hot dog, or drink that can of bud light (If you’re of age), (Phil looks like a bud light guy to me), I say go for it. Life can be stressful and at times it can plain stink. Yeah, a lot of these guys playing professional sports are freaks of nature and look like they’ve never had a carb in their lives, but for some (most normal people) that isn’t their style. As long as you don’t do it at a capacity that can hurt yourself or others, keep it in moderation, stay responsible, and train more than enough to perform at a consistent level, then, by all means, enjoy your life. No one gets out alive anyway…



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