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The NFL Quarterback Jumbo

The NFL Quarterback Jumbo

This article is all about the Quarterbacks A.K.A. the undisputed most important players on the field at all times. This is shown time and time again by the league. The MVP awards, the big contracts, and the glory all go to the QBs. When a team has a good one they will usually hold on to him for dear life. The past few years have been a reminder of that.


Lately, teams have traded more aggressive in their pursuit to find “The Guy.” Multiple 1 st round draft picks were traded just to move up a few spots to draft their guy. Luckily, as of late it has worked extremely well with guys like Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson and others making big splashes early in their young careers. But every so often there is a Robert Griffin trade that cripples an entire franchise.Teams like the Patriots and Bengals were gouged for their backups by teams with hopes of one day finding “The Guy.” This is the name of the game.


I would argue that 20 of the 32 teams think “The Guy” is on their current roster. As for the other 12 teams, heads will roll if they don’t find him this year. Luckily, this is the year to have that question.


The league has been buzzing for over a season with anticipation for the new group of Generals ready to take their talents to the biggest stage. There are projected to be 6 QB’s considered as 1 st round talents and 5-10 more expected to fight for the top rounds of this coming draft. Leading that group is USC’s Darnold, UCLA’s Rosen, Wyoming’s Allen, Louisville’s Jackson, Oklahoma’s Mayfield and Oklahoma State’s Rudolph.

Beyond that, there is potential for top talent to be on the move. Guys like Cousins, Bortles, Bradford, Keenum, and Bridgewater may be ready to find new homes. So If ever to be unsure if your guy is THE guy, it’s now. Teams like the Browns, Jets, and Bills it’s pretty clear but for others, not so much.


What will be interesting is to look at the teams stuck on the fence. Of the 12, teams like the Giants, Saints, Cardinals, Chargers, Steelers, and dare I say Patriots need to decide if it’s time to replace a legend. I would gamble to say that half of those teams will draft a QB. Would you take the over or under?


Tweet us @PGSports with your vote and if your really a betting man include who you think will go where.


NFL QB Jumbo

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